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Become the Hero of Your Own Comic Book

27 May 2024

Written by: Roman

Workshop "Become the Hero of Your Own Comic Book"

Unleash the creativity of your children with Maya XR!

An Immersive Experience

Dive into a world of creation where children become the heroes of their own comic books.

Unique Character

Each child creates a unique character for their story.

Captivating Story

Children work as a team to build an engaging story that brings all the characters together.

Introduction to the Tools of the Future

Discover AI models and learn how to use them with text prompts. Dive into interacting with these new creative tools. Students will learn to use language AI models (such as ChatGPT) for story building, and image generation models (such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney) for character and scene design.

The "Become the Hero of Your Own Comic Book" Workshop

Interactive workshops to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.

Character Creation

Imagine a unique character and bring them to life.

Story Development

Work as a team to build an exciting story.

Story Illustration

Use AI-powered digital tools to bring your characters and illustrations to life.

Finished Comic Book

Admire your creation and share it with your friends.

Why Choose This Workshop?

An educational workshop that offers unique benefits for children.

Developing Creativity

Stimulate imagination and the ability to create original stories.

Introduction to New Technologies

Discover the tools used by creative professionals.

Strengthening Social Skills

Work in teams and learn to communicate effectively.

An Unforgettable Memory

The children leave with a comic book, a souvenir of an incredible story created with their classmates.

Who Is It For?

A workshop adapted for children and teenagers aged 7 to 15.


7 -15 years

Group Size

4-10 participants


3 to 4 hours

An Investment in the Future

Offer your children a unique creative and educational experience.


CHF 99 / participant.

Expert Team

Training professionals on generative AI tools to guide the students at every step.

Enriching Experience

An entertaining and educational workshop that stimulates learning and creativity.

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