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17 June 2024

Written by: Roman

Maya XR Metaverse

Maya XR is a cutting-edge metaverse hosted on, offering a realistic 3D or VR experience to its users. It's a revolutionary platform that redefines virtual interactions and experiences.

Maya XR metaverse on

Cross-platform seamlessly integrates with Maya XR, providing a stable and immersive environment on any platform, free to use, on smartphone, pc, mac and VR headsets.

24/7 live experience in Maya XR

Always Active

Maya XR ensures an ever-active virtual environment, enabling users to engage at any time.

Real-time Interactions

Realistic and interactive experiences are available round the clock in Maya XR.

Meetups and events in Maya XR

Diverse Events

From industry conferences to community gatherings, Maya XR hosts a wide array of meetups and events.


These events provide a platform for engaging discussions and networking opportunities.

Creative AI courses in Maya XR

Innovative Curriculum

Maya XR offers cutting-edge AI courses, covering diverse topics in creative artificial intelligence.

Expert-Led Learning

These courses are led by industry experts, ensuring a high-quality and insightful educational experience.

XR courses in Maya XR

Immersive Learning

XR courses in Maya XR deliver immersive learning experiences through innovative technologies and methodologies.

Interactive Modules

Students interact with state-of-the-art XR modules, honing their skills in a dynamic virtual space.

Advantages of Maya XR for users

Realistic Immersion

Users benefit from a deeply immersive and realistic experience, fostering authentic interactions and experiences.

Expanded Opportunities

Maya XR opens doors to new opportunities and prospects in the virtual realm, expanding users' horizons.

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